Court Reporters in Ireland

Court Reporters in Ireland are more often referred to as stenographers. They are the professionals called upon to ensure that all spoken words and gestures of a meeting or oral proceeding are recorded to produce an accurate verbatim transcript. Such Court Reporters in Ireland are professionals, who are often referred to act as guardians of the record they must be responsible, reliable, impartial and above all else completely accurate. To consistently maintain this standard, they must be properly educated, trained, and certified to expertly perform their duties.

Is it Court Reporter or Stenographer?

In the US and other jurisdictions, Stenographers are mostly referred to as Court Reporters. While the term “Court Reporter” is not widely used in Ireland, there is still the frequent reference to the term. As a term, “Court Reporter” in Ireland is obviously a literal description of the venue where a Stenographer or Court Reporter’s services are often required but there are also many non-judicial settings where stenography services are needed and accordingly Stenographer is arguably a more comprehensive term in Ireland than Court Reporter. Another reason why Court Reporter in Ireland is the slightly lesser used term is that a Court Reporter in Ireland is often a reference to a journalist who reports on court proceedings. The term stenographer more accurately distinguishes the specific role and service of the same from a journalist who reports for a media outlet from a court setting.

GMSS Ireland’s leading Court Reporter

The point of all of this is that the services of Court Reporter in Ireland or a Stenographer are interchangeable and arguably of little relevance beyond the most ardent observers of linguistic evolution. Stenographer or Court Reporter in Ireland is merely used based on the user’s exposure to the dominant tradition in a given jurisdiction. What is really important obviously is the quality of service of a given Court Reporter in Ireland. GMSS trains and provided experienced and highly professional Court Reporters to covers judicial hearings, board meetings, legal depositions, video depositions in Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway, and Belfast and throughout the island of Ireland and the UK. GMSS’s Court Reporter travel and are available all over the island of Ireland and the UK and have been centrally operated from GMSS location beside the courts in Dublin for over 23 years. We are one of Ireland’s most well-known and well-respected court reporting services providing the most experienced and well-trained court reporters in Ireland. The quality of service speaks for itself as GMSS’s court reporters are retained by the legal profession, corporate clients, government agencies, private clients and NGO entities across Ireland as being among the leading court reporters in Ireland

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